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Falanster is an organization open to cooperation with a wide range of public communities, non-profit and commercial organizations, as well as activists and initiatives.

Our mission: To create a more autonomous and dynamic Belarusian society with the help of open and free digital and humanitarian technologies.

Our values:: Innovativeness, Autonomy, Collectivism, Openness, Cooperativeness, Inclusiveness, Social equality.

Read more in Falanster Profile.

With whom we cooperate and our principles of cooperation

We cooperate with initiatives from different cities and towns of Belarus, we are open for international cooperation, as well as with communities that work in offline mode, or operate online. These qualities are of great importance to us:

  • Openness and transparency in all matters concerning collaboration.
  • Mutual responsibility.
  • Clear division of roles and responsibilities between the parties.
  • Development of a cooperation mechanism, i.e. frequency of meetings and communication tools.
  • Mutual aid and 100% involvement in the business on each side.

We will be glad to find partners for

  • Joint activity. The work you want to do with us that is compatible with Falanster's mission and values.
  • Arranging events on the same terms + we combine our human and/or non-human resources.
  • In the framework of the Улазіны 2.0 project.

We are also open to cooperation with activists

  • We will be happy to welcome activists to Falanster who share our values and mission and are eager to organize the initiative within one of the current directions, or create and maintain a new one, that is compatible with Falanster's mission.

Our resources

  • accommodation in the city center (holding up to 20-30 people), of 30 m², 15 m² size.
  • Wi-Fi;
  • bicycle corner (both with tools and consumables);
  • storage water heater and kettle;
  • video projector, projection screen, speakers;
  • 2 tables and about 25 chairs;
  • board, markers, paper, pens, pencils, and other shared office supplies;
  • laptops, headphones, computer mice;
  • web services: grammarly, realtimeboard, zapier, mindmeister;
  • BookCrossing shelf and Falanster library;
  • active IT-volunteers and the opportunity to attract new ones, including those in humanitarian areas;
  • means of communication: Falanster and Digital Lab's mailing list, communities in Vk and Fb.

We have a lot of experience in

  • working with volunteers and IT-volunteers, in particular;
  • IT project management;
  • remote project management, using online devices;
  • organizing events for up to several hundred people;
  • working with open-source applications, Linux OS, open source graphic tools Gimp, InkScape, working with video in Blender;
  • organizing of work with the collective experience through wiki, working with the Belarusian Wikipedia and the wiki community;
  • organizing of transparent processes of work and decision-making in the team;
  • deployment of mesh networks (horizontal Wi-Fi networks used for communication in a special area or event);
  • and knowledge on the topics of copyright and copyleft, Creative Commons free of charge licences, free sharing economy and culture (in Belarus and all around the world);
  • digital security and privacy; working with team security and personal security technologies;
  • even vermiculturing in urban conditions or zero organic waste.

Our partners for 2018

  • EventSpace, DataHata, Zapier, Belarusian Students' Association (BSA or ZBS), ITMine, Stormnet, oeec.by, Civil Forum, Торбашоў, Альфа і амега, Adukacyja.info, Center of the Belarusian language (Gomel), Dzedzich (Brest), New Eurasia Foundation, Assembly of NGOs of Belarus, High-Tech Club KV.by, Будзьма беларусамі!

Contact us

  • To become our partner, please write an email to falanster.by@gmail.com
  • or fill out the form.

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